Harvest Park

the school we have grown to love and hate

Harvest Park middle school
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this is a community that is dedicated the poor folks that have to endure going to school at havest park


1. Please keep posts within proximity of havest park-related subjects.

2. NO PROMOTING OTHER COMMUNITIES unless within proximity of bjork-related interests (I'm not trying to be mean. This keeps the community as a nice place to go in order to share/ask information and share/ask opinions. This community is NOT a billboard.)

3. Please respect all members and their opinions. Fighting will not be tolerated. If you are having an argument with another member, please take it someplace else.

4. Large Pictures, multiple icons, and extremely long entries behind an LJ cut. It makes things easier and more organized. :)

5. I'm not the banning type, but if it comes to a point where a member is becoming a problem, I will ban. If you are having a problem or are being offended by another member, don't hesitate to contact me.

and please... no politics or religious issues unless Harvest Park related. This is a community for